#23. Unread books: The Alienist

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Erika told me to read this in 2000.


#21. ABA Movies: Witness for the Prosecution

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Twist ending!

#23. My unread books: Marley & Me

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I am prepared to cry. A lot.

Fail! #29. Go Skiing

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It’s spring.  I haven’t been skiing.  I did buy snowpants.  Does that count?


Replacement: #32. Organize a Peeps diorama contest at work.

Sneak Preview

Complete! #14. Go to service at Unity Temple

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Happy Easter!

#17. Crew Goddess: Illinois & Indiana

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Watched BUTLER and knocked back 312, Edel Weiss, Honker’s Ale, and Alpha King.  Need a few more of these heavy drinking Saturdays if I’m going to get Goddess status before my birthday.

#21. ABA Top 25: Inherit the Wind

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Also starring Dick York from Bewitched!