#17. Beer Goddess: Michigan

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Bell's Amber & Bell's Oberon...and our new favorite waiter gave us credit for Big Dick's Old Ale and Ichabod's just because he's awesome!


#23. Bookshelf: A Brief History of Time

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Complete! #27. Bikram Yoga

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3 days of bikram in Austin, TX!

Complete! #13. Take a Chicago Segway Tour

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It was SO cold. but lotsa fun.

Complete! #32. Organize a Peeps Contest

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How do you get law students into the library?  Tell them to make Peeps dioramas.  All the entries are at http://library.kentlaw.edu/About/peep-show.htm.

The Winner!

Complete! #1. Illinois Marathon

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I didn't wear purple nailpolish...those are just my toes. Yikes.

#17. Beer Goddess: Colorado, Texas & Louisiana

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Fat Tire, Shiner Bock, and Purple Haze!

The new waiter let us split a giant Fat Tire and each get credit for it!